XJRO is one of the trading floors of electronic money is popular with many Vietnamese and the world. On the floor there are many people available to buy or offer Bitcoin BTC, BCC, ETH, ETC, LTC, DASH .... with competitive prices and lots of online transactions.

Therefore, transaction fees, safety, reliability and prestige are always placed XJRO. With state-of-the-art technology and deep thought for our customers, we have applied the most competitive and lowest fees in the world (Only 0.1%) .

In order to trade Bitcoin on XJRO, you must pay a transaction fee and some other fees. Here's how the XJRO deck charges, including 3 types:

Transaction fee on XJRO

It defaults to 0.1% of the total amount you trade. (World's lowest rates)

Charge for XJRO wallet

Free when transferring by bank account or using XJRO scratch card.

Online Credit Card or PayPal fees (in USD currency only) are charged at 3-4%.

Charge by coin at market price at the time of loading. (Usually 0.0002 BTC)

Transaction fee on xjro floor

Cash withdrawal from XJRO purse

Free when you withdraw money to buy XJRO scratch card.

The withdrawal fee when you want to transfer by bank account is $1. (*)

Credit Card or PayPal online withdrawal fee is 3-4%.

Coin withdrawal fees at market prices from time to time. (Usually 0.0002 BTC)

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